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Arktek COVID-19 Policy

COVID-19 Working Safely Policy Statement


Arktek Group limited COVID-19 Working Safely Policy applies to all business functions within the scope of all areas of Arktek operations: on site, warehouses and in office environments. This document states the objectives and summarises the main points of the COVID-19 Safety Policy.

In order to delrver our key services, it will be necessary for our operatives to approach or enter customer or supplier’s properties. In order to do this safely. COVID-19 Guidelines and procedures must be strictly always adhered to.

Objectives – COVID-19 Safe Working Practices

During the coronavirus pandemic the health and wellbeing of our customers, workforce, visitors to site and the local community is our number one priority This policy and procedures set out to ensure that our staff, operatives and business partners:

  1. Only attend their place work when it is safe to do so
  2. Take every precaution to ensure the safety of our customers at all times
  3. Adhere to COVID-19 Policies. Procedures and Government Guidelines at all times
  4. Are not put at risk of becoming infected or spread the COVID-19 virus
  5. Are updated as our procedures are reviewed and updated regularly


Staff, operatives, business partners, verified subcontractors and customers of Arktek Group limited are required to understand the purpose and principles of this policy and to follow the guidelines and procedures in place Failure to adhere to the procedures attached to this Policy could result in disciplinary action being taken against Arktek Group Limited staff, operatives and cancellation of contracts with verified subcontractors.

We will achieve our objectives by:

  • Working, training and consulting with our workforce, subcontractors and suppliers to develop and share detailed safe working practices;
  • Preparation of detailed risk assessments covering all the working environments in which we work;
  • Regular review of our COVID-19 policies, procedures, training and health & safety documentation, to ensure full compliance with industry best practice and Government Guidelines;
  • Only undertaking operations, that we know can be carried out safely and without risk to our customers or staff;
  • Establishing safe access and egress to all sites;
  • Giving all staff and verified subcontractors a safety induction and further COVID-19 related training to ensure they fully understand the measures put in place for all working environments and their respective roles and responsibilities to ensure the safety of themselves and anyone they may meet;
  • Ensuring measures are in place to enable anyone on site to abide by social distancing guidance and taking mitigating action to reduce the nsk of transmission where not possible;
  • Providing all staff with PPE in accordance with Government Guidelines;
  • Having clean welfare facilities and hand washing points and sanitisers across all working environments;
  • Communicating with our business partners and other stakeholders so they are aware how we are working to ensure our full compliance with Government guidelines;
  • Ensunng that compliance with these rules is monitored very closely. Any person found to be breaking these rules, where applicable, will be removed from site and may face disciplinary action

Arktek Group limited’s employees, verified subcontractors and business partners will ensure that these principles are followed at al times.

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