ECO Grant Funding Available

ECO is the latest Energy Efficiency grant programme instigated by Government to both reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted when heating and powering buildings and to alleviate the blight of Fuel Poverty. It represents a transformation in government policy, as cost and carbon savings achieved by the installation of energy efficiency measures relate directly to the building’s individual energy consumption characteristics.

There are currently three ECO funding streams are:-

CERO – The Carbon Emission Reduction Obligation

This stream is available to all households and provides funding for Hard to Treat (HTT) cavity wall insulation (CWI), External Wall Insulation (EWI) and secondary measures such as loft insulation. Further packages of measures such as replacement windows are soon to be made available

CSCO  – The Carbon Saving Community Obligation

This stream targets private and social housing in low-income areas. Measures available include solid wall insulation, cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, district heating and glazing.

HHCRO – The Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation

This stream is aimed at providing low-income households with measures that will reduce their energy bills, such as replacement boilers, room in roof insulation, loft and cavity wall insulation. Householders must be in receipt of certain qualifying income-related benefits in order to qualify.

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