Cavity Wall Insulation

Arktek provide specialist loft and cavity wall insulation fitting services for domestic, commercial and social housing properties throughout the UK.

Stop wasting money and energy now and come home to a warm home!

You could save over £280* every year by installing loft, underfloor and cavity wall insulation. Without adequate insulation in your home, you will be losing around 35%* of the heat you are paying for through your walls, 15% through your floor and a further 25%* through your roof.

Contact us today for a free survey and to see if you are eligible for FREE insulation.

We are able to offer grants to cover the cost of loft, cavity wall and underfloor insulation for home owners or customers living in private rented accommodation.

High Performance Injected Bead Insulation System

Arktek is now offering the new and improved ThermaBead cavity wall insulation system. ThermaBead are the industry leaders in providing installers with high performance, blown bead insulation systems. The key advantages for which are: –

  • 20% more efficient than conventional rock and glass wool
  • 30% less drill holes required compared with other insulation systems
  • Up to 30% reduction on fuel bills
  • Allows airflow and moisture dispersal around the cavity whilst providing full insulation
  • No dampness issues or cold spots associated with other insulation methods
  • Consistent density with constant thermal protection throughout the installed area

BBA / KIWA approved system with a 25 year GDGC Insurance Backed Guarantee

Cavity Wall and loft insulation Diagram

Contact us today

Contact us today for a FREE survey and to see if you are eligible for a grant for FREE insulation.

Comparison Between Traditional Insulation Materials and Thermabead Carbon Saver

Whilst traditional cavity wall insulation materials can be perfectly adequate for most homes, dampness problems can occur; where the home is located in a high exposure zone, where there are pre-existing issues with the property walls or quite simply due to poor installation practices.

The industry leading Thermabead injected blown bead insulation systems is designed to prevent any such dampness issues occurring.

Comparison between traditional insulation materials and Thermabead Carbon Saver

Why insulate your cavity walls

If you have cavity walls and they are not insulated, you will be losing around 35%* of your home’s heat through your walls. That’s 35%* of the money you spend on your heating bill being wasted.

*Energy savings figures based on a typical gas-heated home. All data obtained from the Energy Saving Trust (EST).

Cavity wall insulation helps you to start heating your home more efficiently and by doing so help you to start saving energy and money on you heating bills.

Being more energy efficient also means that you will also reduce your carbon footprint and help fight climate change.


Save Money Now with Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity wall insulation can save you around £280* a year on your heating bill. The installation costs are relatively low and depending upon the size and type of property, you could be easily looking to cover your costs within a 2 – 3 year period. You may well be eligible for a grant to provide you with FREE insulation, contact us today to find out more.


How to tell if you have cavity walls

Houses were typically constructed with cavity walls after the 1930’s. Cavity walls are made up of two brick walls creating an inner an outer layer between which is a gap or a “cavity”. There are two ways for you to check if your home has cavity walls.

What is the insulation?

Arktek Ltd use the inovative ThermaBead product to fill the gap or “cavity” between your inner and outer walls.

*Energy savings figures based on a typical gas-heated home. All data obtained from the Energy Saving Trust (EST).

” The installer cleaned up everywhere and put everything back to normal. He put my mind at rest about any queries by explaining everything fully. I could’nt be happier with the service. “

Your Customer Journey

  • From your initial enquiry, our surveyors will visit your property and carry out a FREE, no obligation survey to check whether your property is eligible for funding.
  • When you are happy to proceed with the work, we will arrange a date for your installation, which is typically completed within 2 – 3 hours.
  • Before commencing work, our operatives will fully explain the installation process and how long it will take.
  • All cavity wall insulation is installed with a 25 year insurance backed guarantee.
  • All loft insulation is completed with a certificate detailing the date of installation and insulation specification.
  • Before our installers leave site, we will call you to ensure your complete satisfaction with our work.
  • We will make the claim for the grant on your behalf, there is minimal paperwork and no lengthy claims process for you to worry about.
  • All we ask you to do is complete a simple customer feedback form to help us monitor and maintain our high standard of customer care.

How we ensure that our work is guaranteed and you are protected.

GDGC Insurance Backed Guarantee

All of Arktek Group’s cavity wall insulation installations are covered by a 25 year Insurance Backed Workmanship Guarantee Scheme through GDGC.

The Workmanship Guarantee Scheme has been designed by GDGC to provide domestic consumers with insurance protection in the event an Installer ceases to trade and therefore is unable to honour their outstanding workmanship obligations. The protection comes in the form of an Insurance Backed Guarantee Policy.

On completion of your cavity wall insulation install, this is registered with GDGC and Arktek supply you with your 25-year insurance backed guarantee. This is sent out to you by post or e-mail – whichever you prefer.

For further information on GDGC, please visit or contact our admin team at any time if you have any queries.

Arktek Customer Care

Delivering professional and reliable heating, insulation and home renovation services throughout the North East and North Yorkshire areas, Arktek have created a first class reputation. This is based upon the pride and care we take in every aspect of our work. But don’t just take our word for it – see what our customers have to say!

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