Room in roof insulation

What is a room in a roof?

A ‘Room in Roof’ is typically an extra storey or an attic on a bungalow or house characterised by a fixed (often narrow) staircase leading to room, which incorporates the roof. The room will have a light source, usually a Velux or Dormer window and be classed as an extra bedroom or bedrooms. Our insulation system is designed to provide the maximum benefit from the insulation measures installed and minimum impact on your living space.
There has never been a better time to insulate your room in roof! New Ofgem guidance on room in roof insulation, issued in April 2017, now ensures that property and home owners will benefit from the best possible level room in roof insulation! You may well be eligible for Energy Company Obligation (ECO) grant funding covering up to 100% of the cost of works. There is nothing for you to do, other than arranging an appointment for a free survey, we will look after everything for you!

To see if you are indeed eligible or to book a survey, either contact us on 0191 516 6911 for a FREE survey or click here for futher details

Vulux window in a loft room
Image shows a bright room in the roof with red chairs

Why insulate your room in the roof?

Attics and rooms in the roof are often largely untouched from the day they were constructed and are often either not insulated at all or insulated using inadequate materials and techniques compared to current building regulations – leaving them too cold in winter and uncomfortably warm in the summer.

An uninsulated Room in Roof is Too HOT in Summer

The Solution

By employing the latest insulation materials and methods, insulating existing attic rooms means that you can still use the roof space for storage or additional room space if needed while still trapping heat in the property and rooms below.

Correctly insulating rooms in the roof will provide a massive source of potential energy savings and provide you with an extra room that is comfortable to live in – all year round.

The insulation of such rooms involves a combination of insulation measures to allow for the various details that make up the slopes, half height walls, eaves lofts and ceilings.

An uninsulated Room in Roof is Too COLD in Winter
An insulated Room in Roof is comfortable all year round

No Mess No Fuss

The method we offer for most homes, involves securing specialist insulation board to your stud walls, slopes and ceilings of your room in roof. We also install loft wool insulation into the residual space behind the stud walls and where possible, onto the back of the stud walls, secured in place with insulation netting.  The Polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation board we use already has plasterboard bonded to it so that it is ready for you to decorate as soon as we have completed our work – making your room into a comfortable living space.

If you do not already have access panels in the stud walls, if required, we will install fire-rated, lockable access panels for you free of charge.

In around a day! your loft or attic room will be insulated, with minimal disruption, providing you with an additional comfortable living space.


Arktek Room in Roof Insulation System
Loft Room Installation fitter

Do you qualify for a free room in roof insulation?

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