Air Source Heat Pumps and Solar PV

Arktek Group Limited are working alongside manufacturers and installers of air source heat pumps and solar panels to install renewable technologies into homes across the North East and Yorkshire.

When heating accounts for more than half of the UK’s household energy bills, increased efficiency can make a big difference to the running costs of your home.

By installing an air source heat pump and solar PV, you could make significant savings on your annual energy bills!

We are offering households throughout the North East and Yorkshire the opportunity to receive funding for the installation of an air source heat pump alongside solar PV to help reduce their carbon footprint and save money on energy bills.

Learn about the renewable technologies available from Arktek:

Air Source Heat Pumps

What are Air Source Heat Pumps?

Air source heat pumps convert air from outside into heating and hot water in your home. This is done by converting a refrigerant from a liquid into a gas which is then compressed to heat the air or water inside your home. The refrigerant eventually condenses back into a liquid and the process can start all over again – making this a renewable form of energy.

Heat pumps are cheaper to run than systems based on combustion. With a higher energy efficiency rating, the systems offer great long-term savings on energy.

Which properties are suitable for an Air Source Heat Pump?

Almost any home can have an air source heat pump installed, however, for the appliance to be efficient your home needs to be adequately insulated before having one installed.

In addition to this, the appliance is located outside of the property, therefore, there must be enough external space to have one installed.

Our engineers will assess your property and will be able to advise if your property will be suitable for an air source heat pump – contact us today.

Maintenance of Air Source Heat Pumps

Similar to the maintenance of gas boilers, it is recommended that all appliances are serviced regularly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. For heat pumps this is usually done once or twice annually to maintain optimum performance.

Arktek engineers can help maintain your air source heat pump and keep it working effectively.

Funding for Air Source Heat Pumps & Solar PV

You may be eligible for ECO4 funding towards the cost of insulation for an air source heat pump and solar panels.

To qualify, your property must be fully insulated, and you must not have had a wet central heating system previously.

Our team can check your eligibility for funding and can help determine whether an air source heat pump is the right choice for your property.

Solar PV

What is Solar PV?

Solar PV (also known as solar photovoltaics) is a renewable form of energy generation. Solar PV is often made up of several solar powered panels which are most commonly affixed to the roof of a property. They use energy from the sun and convert this into electricity which can be used in your home.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels are comprised of several cells of a semi-conducting material which generate electricity as solar energy passes through them.

Which properties are suitable for Solar PV?

To have Solar PV installed, your roof must be in a good condition and there must be no restrictions on altering the exterior of your property (for example if you live in a conservation area or the building is listed). Solar PV can be installed on any elevation, however, south facing elevations will receive more solar energy throughout the day and will therefore generate more electricity than Solar PV installed on other elevations.

As air source heat pumps are an electric heating source, the combination of having solar PV and an air source heat pump installed could significantly reduce the cost of your electricity bills!

Our dedicated team of staff will advise on your eligibility for funding towards the cost of having both measures installed which will help you reduce your carbon footprint and save money on energy bills.


Arktek Engineers are here to help. We are a team of North East based Gas Safe engineers, accredited insulation installers, and a proud installer of ECO4 and LA Flex measures.

We are happy to assist with the funding process to install energy-saving measures in your home.

The process is simple. Once you’ve contacted us, we will:

  • advise on your eligibility for the government schemes
  • help you complete and process your application for funding
  • conduct a free, no-obligation survey to determine the best possible energy saving measures for your home.
  • install energy-efficiency measures to help heat your home and provide relevant certificates.

Simply get in touch with Arktek to get started.

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