Room in Roof Insulation

Having an uninsulated room in the roof often means the space is too cold in winter and too hot in summer. By correctly insulating your room in the roof you will be able to save money on your energy bills and make the space comfortable to live in all year round.

ECO4 funding is available towards the cost of Room in Roof Insulation

What is a Room in the Roof?

A ‘Room in the Roof’ is typically a room located in the attic on a house or bungalow which may have a dormer window. The room will have a fixed staircase, light source, window and can sometimes be classed as an extra bedroom or bedrooms.

How do you insulate a Room in the Roof?

The method we offer for most homes involves securing specialist insulation board to the external walls, slopes, and ceilings of your room in roof. Your loft and/or residual areas will be insulated with mineral wool and access panels installed if required.

When the insulation has been completed, we will skim the insulated areas ready for you to re-decorate; the whole install process only lasts a few days with minimal disruption.

We are proud to be able to assist with the ECO4 funding process to install Room in Roof Insulation. Simply contact us to get the process started.

What our customers say:

“I am very happy with the service and really happy with my new boiler. I have noticed a huge difference in the room since the insulation has been put in.”

Stockton On Tees, Room in Roof Insulation & Gas Boiler

“A fantastic job well done, and my rooms are nice and warm now, I can certainly feel the difference the insulation has made.”

Stockton on Tees, Room in Roof Insulation

“Really pleased with the installers. They were really friendly and polite and they took great care of my house.”

Hartlepool, Room in Roof Insulation