Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation can improve the energy efficiency of your home in an affordable way, and you may even qualify for funding towards the cost of the install!

With rising energy prices there has never been a better time to insulate your home. We provide specialised Cavity Wall Insulation services throughout the UK.

If you are in receipt of certain benefits, you may be eligible for government-funded energy improvements that can drastically reduce the cost of heating your home.

Why insulate your cavity walls?

You lose roughly 35% of the heat in your property through your walls*. Installing Cavity Wall Insulation in your home can reduce this heat loss and help save you money.

Having a more energy efficient home also reduces your carbon footprint and contributes to the fight against climate change.

How can you tell if you have cavity walls?

Houses were typically constructed with cavity walls after the 1930s. Cavity walls are made up of two brick walls creating an inner and outer layer between which is a gap or a “cavity”.  From the outside, you can identify a cavity wall as the bricks will usually have an even pattern and all bricks will be laid lengthways.*

If your property bricks with an alternating pattern and was built pre-1930, it is likely your walls are solid and Cavity Wall Insulation would not be suitable. It may still be possible to insulate these walls with Solid Wall Insulation.

Which materials are used to insulate your cavity wall?

Arktek uses ThermaBead cavity wall insulation system. ThermaBead is the industry leader in offering high-performance blown bead insulation technologies. The main benefits of Thermabead insulation are:

  • 20% more efficient than the traditional options of rock and glass wool
  • In comparison to conventional insulation techniques, ThermaBead requires 30% fewer drill holes
  • Thermabead is designed to prevent dampness issues occurring due to its moisture distribution technology


*Energy savings are calculated using a typical gas-heated home.
*Information provided by The Energy Saving Trust (EST).

Arktek Engineers are here to help. We are a team of North East based Gas Safe engineers, accredited insulation installers, and a proud installer of ECO4 and LA Flex measures.

We are happy to assist with the funding process to install energy-saving measures in your home.

The process is simple. Once you’ve contacted us, we will:

  • advise on your eligibility for the government schemes
  • help you complete and process your application for funding
  • conduct a free, no-obligation survey to determine the best possible energy saving measures for your home.
  • install energy-efficiency measures to help heat your home and provide relevant certificates.

Simply get in touch with Arktek to get started.

Find out if you qualify for funded home energy improvements

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