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Cavity wall insulation involves filling in the gaps between exterior and interior cavity walls with a form of insulation to help keep buildings warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Traditionally, this has been done using a filling like rock or glass wool, however, Arktek has found that Thermabead insulation technology is a much more effective option.

Cavity wall insulation with Thermabead can reduce heat loss rates in your property by around 70%, helping you save significantly on heating bills.

Find out why we choose Thermabead insulation for cavity walls:

Thermabead is a supplier of high-performance bonded bead insulation technology. The beads are made of polystyrene and are each as small as 2-9mm which means that, when injected with the specially designed injection gun that Thermabead created, they will settle in densely to fully fill the cavity.

The blown beads are so small that, compared to alternative cavity wall insulation fillings, they not only fill the space better, but the process also requires around 30% fewer drill holes, making the process quicker and with less mess. It takes only a couple of hours to insulate cavity walls with Thermabead and the process requires minimal disruption.

The beads come in two options, the Carbon Saver which is the standard and the premium Diamond bead system. Both systems utilise a specially designed moisture distribution technology that helps prevent mould or damp issues. Thermabead is also fire resistant, durable, and long lasting.

One of the most prominent reasons that beads are our chosen choice for cavity wall insulation is that the technology is 20% more efficient than the traditional options of rock or glass wool, according to Thermabead!  

Arktek Group are a team of North East based Insulation Technicians who specialise in the installation of cavity wall insulation throughout Newcastle, the North East and Yorkshire. We offer a range of services and can also advise on your eligibility for funding for home energy improvements under the government’s ECO4 and LA Flex schemes.

Get in touch to find out if you qualify for funding for cavity wall insulation or other home energy improvements.   

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