What are the benefits of underfloor insulation?

Did you know that your property can lose heat through draughts originating from uninsulated suspended timber floors?

Underfloor insulation can help to eliminate these draughts and is recognised as a cost-effective way of insulating your property which saves you money on your heating bills.

The team of engineers at Arktek describe the benefits of underfloor insulation and outline why we use Knauf Insulation products for underfloor insulation:

How does underfloor insulation work?

Draughts in your home can originate from the void between the ground and your suspended timber floor, especially in older homes. Underfloor insulation provides a barrier from the outside, keeping cold draughts out and heat in.

Underfloor Insulation is installed under your floorboards and between the joists of your suspended timber floor by securing mineral wool insulation in place with nylon netting.

Our chosen product for underfloor insulation is Knauf Insulation. Knauf Insulation is made of mineral wool, the optimum choice for insulating suspended timber floors because:

  • It provides the best combination of fire safety, thermal, and acoustic performance.
  • Mineral wool adapts to any slight imperfections in the substrate and knits itself together, eliminating any air gaps.

You should be eligible for underfloor insulation if you have timber floors, and if our engineers are able to access the areas between the joists and your floor.

Is there funding available for Underfloor Insulation?

Underfloor Insulation can save you up to £100* per year on your heating bill and you could be eligible for funding towards the cost towards the cost of this under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) scheme.

Find out if you qualify for funding for underfloor insulation this winter.

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