New Gas Boiler Installation showing engineer fitting a new gas boiler

“Boiler Plus” – What you should know

With a view of protecting the environment for generations to come, the Government has published its Clean Growth Strategy highlighting key policies and proposals meant to tackle greenhouse gas emissions. Amongst these, one of the changes will see new standards being imposed on new boiler installations.

Generally referred to as “Boiler Plus”, the new legislation will require all boilers installed from April 2018 to have a new Erp (Energy-related Product) rating of 92% or higher and they must also have a programme timer and a thermostat. Most homes already benefit from this, however it will now become a requirement not just an extra option. In addition, combi boiler will also have to have at least one of the following energy-saving measures installed: flue gas heat recovery systems, load compensating thermostat, weather compensating thermostat or smart thermostat.

What are my options?

  1. Flue gas heat recovery systems: This system improves your boiler efficiency by reusing heat from your boiler rather than wasting it. In some instances, this technology might already be incorporated.
  2. Load compensating thermostat: This addition is able to adjust the radiator temperature according to the temperature in the home.
  3. Weather compensating thermostat: Similar to load compensating thermostats this system will adjust according to the outside temperature.
  4. Smart thermostat: This can be accessed using a smartphone or tablet allowing you to adjust the temperature even when you are not home.

Are you getting a new boiler installed anytime soon? Then be sure to check that it adheres to the new standards. With Arktek, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. We value customer satisfaction and always strive to deliver the best services.

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