How do smart thermostats work?

Get better control of your home’s heating systems with a smart thermostat

Smart thermostats are devices which help you monitor how the temperature changes in your home and can allow you to control your heating from anywhere! Learn more about how smart thermostats work and how they can help you save money on energy bills:

Smart thermostats allow you to adjust your heating schedule based on factors such as outside temperature and desired room temperature in order to maximise the efficiency of your central heating system.

The devices can allow you to:

  • adjust the temperature setting from your mobile phone or tablet
  • set timers
  • adjust the hot water settings
  • automatically turn the heating off when you leave the house or allow you to do it from your mobile
  • see trends and patterns about your energy use

Some even learn your habits and automatically adjust your schedule so that it is optimised to heat your house more effectively.

Which smart thermostat should I choose?

Smart thermostats vary in shape and size and are made by a variety of manufacturers. Most work with electric, gas, LPG or oil boilers, including ones with hot water tanks.

Smart thermostats are comprised of two parts; the thermostat which detects your room temperature and adjusts the heating as well as the receiver which is wired to the boiler and allows the thermostat to communicate wirelessly with the boiler.

The Smart Thermostats we install include:

·         Hive Active Heating

·         Nest

·         Worcester Bosch EasyControl

·         Ideal Halo

·         Honeywell T3R*

·         Neomitis RT7+*


*Please note these models do not connect to your smartphone via the internet.

Arktek engineers can advise on the best smart thermostat for your house and can also help you determine if you are eligible for funding toward the purchase and installation of a smart thermostat.

Funding for smart thermostats

If you are in receipt of certain benefits, you may be eligible for funding towards the cost of installing a Smart Thermostat under the ECO4 scheme.

Eligibility criteria for Smart Thermostats under the ECO4 grant:

If you are a homeowner or private tenant, and you are currently in receipt of one of the below benefits, you could be eligible for funding towards the cost of a smart thermostat.  

  • Child Benefit (conditions apply)
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Housing Benefit
  • Income Support
  • Income Based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA)
  • Pension Credit (Guarantee Credit)
  • Pension Credit Savings Credit
  • Universal Credit
  • Working Tax Credit


Arktek are proud installers of a wide range of smart thermostats. If you qualify for funding, one of our friendly engineers will attend your property to assess your current heating system and recommend the best thermostat for your property.

Arktek Engineers are a team of North East based Gas Safe engineers who specialise in not only installing smart thermostats, but also can manage the full application process for getting funding for smart thermostats and other home energy improvements.

Simply get in touch with Arktek to get started.

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