LA Flex Funding for Heating & Insulation Home Improvements

Arktek is partnering with local authorities in the North East, Yorkshire and Wales to secure funding for home energy improvements under the LA Flex scheme.

Learn about the LA Flex scheme, which helps UK households reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint by offering free energy saving measures to households who require them.

What is LA Flex and who can qualify for funding?

LA Flex stands for Local Authority Flexible Criteria. It is an extension of the Government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme that subsidises the cost of installing energy saving measures. The scheme provides customers who are not in receipt of a qualifying benefit under the ECO4 scheme with the chance to receive funding towards the cost of ECO4 measures.

The funding covers numerous types of insulation, such as loft insulation and underfloor insulation, as well as heating installations such as air source heat pumps. It is available for owner occupied households and private rented sector properties.

To qualify, the individual must:

  • live in an area governed by a local authority who has published an ECO4 Flex Statement of Intent
  • have personal circumstances that fall into one of the LA Flex qualifying routes

In brief, the routes include households that are considered energy inefficient and that meet one of the following requirements:

  • have occupants who are vulnerable to the effects of living in a cold home, for example, if an individual has a severe and/or long-term health condition
  • have a combined household income of under £31,000
  • receive a Council Tax Reduction
  • receive free school meals due to low income
  • are on a debt repayment plan to their energy supplier
  • have been referred to their local authority for support by their energy supplier or Citizens Advice because they have been identified as struggling to pay their energy bills

The requirements to qualify for ECO Flex very depending on your local authority, but if you fall into one of the above categories, simply get in touch with the experienced team at Arktek who can help advise on your eligibility.    

If you think you may be eligible for LA Flex funding, contact the team at Arktek to find out if we work with your local authority. We can help you determine if you qualify, assist with the entire application process, and then install the energy improvement measures to help you heat your home more effectively.

Support for Local Authorities with LA Flex Eligibility

If you represent a Local Authority that is interested in ECO and would like to drive referrals through the Flexible Eligibility route, Arktek can help.

As an ECO-accredited, pre-approved partner, Arktek Group Limited can help residents in your local area become more energy efficient and reduce their heating bills.

Get in touch to discuss the possibility of working together under LA Flex.

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