Are you aware of the benefits of improving your home’s EPC rating?

New research has revealed that the majority of British homeowners are unaware of what their home’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating is and that most do not understand the importance of finding out what the rating is. Learn about the implications from the study and discover the benefits of improving your EPC rating:

All domestic buildings in the UK must have a valid EPC, which is a document that outlines how efficient your home’s energy usage is. On an EPC, each property is rated from A – ‘very efficient’ – to G – ‘inefficient’ and is given an energy score between 1-92+. The report also offers details about actions you can take improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Yet, a new study by the Mortgage Advice Bureau has found that 64% of people are currently unaware of their EPC rating. This could suggest that a large number of homeowners may be unaware of shortfalls in the way their home is using energy and could be missing out on opportunities to improve their energy efficiency.

The research also found that a third of respondents who knew their EPC rating had investigated it after hearing about friends or family members reducing their energy bills after making improvements to their home’s EPC rating. And 27% of people who were aware of their EPC said they had looked it up in order to implement changes to improve the rating.

Why should you find out your EPC rating?

The government’s Heating and Buildings Strategy target is for all UK properties to have a minimum EPC rating of a grade C by 2035. It will also require landlords to raise their EPC to a C or higher by 2023.

There are many reasons why the government has set these targets – learn about the benefits of improving your EPC:

Reduce your energy bills

Making changes to your property that help improve your EPC rating can drastically reduce your energy bills. Your EPC certificate will outline recommendations for improving your energy rating specific to your property, including actions like:

Reduce your carbon footprint

Do you know that buildings create almost a quarter of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions? By improving your EPC, you can help reduce your carbon footprint and help preserve the planet.

Lower mortgage payments

You could become eligible for green mortgage deals with lower interest rates if you achieve a higher EPC rating.

Increase the value of your property

Demand is high for homes that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly, so increasing your EPC rating could also help make your property more valuable.

How do I improve my EPC rating?

According to the study, one fifth of people did not know which changes would make their home more energy efficient. Although the certificate can offer recommendations, it’s difficult for the average person to know which options will make the most significant impact. This is where we can help!

Arktek is a property services company who are experts in determining the most efficient energy-saving measures for your home. We specialise in the installation of heating systems and various types of insulation and can offer many services to help increase your EPC rating.

We can also assist with the process of receiving government funding and ECO4 grants for those who are eligible!

Get in touch to learn how we can help improve your EPC rating and to find out if you are eligible for funding towards energy-saving improvements to your property.   

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