What is solid wall insulation?

Most British homes built before the 1920s have uninsulated solid walls, which means that you could be losing a significant amount of heat through your walls.

The National Insulation Association (NIA) estimates that around 45% of the heat you pay for could be escaping through uninsulated solid walls. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that by installing solid wall insulation, you could save annually:

  • £650 for a detached house
  • £390 for a semi-detached house
  • £245 for a mid terrace house
  • £260 for a bungalow
  • £195 for a mid-floor flat

So, what exactly is solid wall insulation?

Read our guide on solid wall insulation and find out if you could qualify for funding towards the cost of having solid wall insulation installed:

Does my property have solid walls?

Around 1/3 of UK homes have solid walls. You can identify solid walls by inspecting the brickwork on the outside of your house – if the bricks have an alternating pattern (shown in the image below), your home is likely to be of a solid wall construction.

If you’re unsure whether your property is constructed of solid or cavity walls, get in touch with our expert team who can advise on the type of construction you have and the best type of insulation for your home and budget.

How do you insulate solid walls?

Arktek engineers can insulate solid walls using a method also referred to as internal wall insulation. This method involves constructing a frame against the external walls of your property which is then filled with insulation material and can be done in 5 stages:

Stage 1 – Remove existing fixtures on walls to be insulated.

Stage 2 – Construct the wooden frame using insulated batons.

Stage 3 – Insulate between the frame with insulation wool.          

Stage 4 – Affix a membrane over the wool to secure in place.

Stage 5 – Board the insulated areas & skim the walls.

The total thickness of the frame and internal wall insulation is minimal, at just 100mm, and the process is carried out room by room.

Solid Wall Insulation Grants

As part of the government’s ECO4 scheme, funding is available for solid wall insulation.

To qualify for solid wall insulation funding, your home must have solid external brick or stone walls and you must receive one of the qualifying benefits under ECO4 or qualify under LA Flex rules.

Find out if you qualify for ECO4 or LA Flex funding

We are proud to be able to assist with the ECO4 funding process. Simply contact us to get the process started.


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